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 'Pilgrimage to Mt. Kailas,' May, 10 

NOTE... THE FOLLOW SERIES OF STILL PICTURES SUBSTITUTES FOR UNEDITED VIDEO, 'DISCOVER CHINA, (BY BICYCLE). Here, for example, a 'shot' from above of our new vehicle and the group just arrived from Lijiang (this in 'Tiger Leaping Gorge Town'). This our first night on the road! Sometimes comfortable hotel, but many times camping out, as in the next night...*
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Market Day and Mr. Zhu (on right) buying vegetables to cook for breakfast.*
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Typical scene in this part of China, meat hanging to dry...*
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An interesting 'grove,' of 'trees!'*
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Xu Tan and Hutch/Haqi in a parabolic mirror on highway #214, on the way to Zhongdian ('Shanggri-La').
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Self portrait.*
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Xu Tan talking with sister Xu Ni! Both my 'adopted' children!*
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CU Xu Ni, a pretty 20-year old girl, nee tour cyclist.*
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Old, rundown wooden shack on highway #214 on the way to Zhongdian. From Lijiang (2400M in elevation) you go way down (fast on bicycle) to the Yangtze River. But, then you have to crank back up, 1400M to Zhongdian at 3200M. This is a bitch on a heavily-loaded bicycle. Luckily the highway is good.*
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