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 Lijiang to Zhongdian (Shangri-La), Liu's pictures, May, 10 

Elvis and Zhu preparing their bicycles in Lijiang.
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Zhu, Elvis, Rucha, Haqi, and Fei in front of our house in Lijiang.*
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Haqi, or as Rucha calls me, Alexander in front of the Merida Bicycle Shop in Lijiang. This on our day of departure
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Our cycling group, plus wellwishers.
Viewed: 475 times.
I get hugged by a pretty Chinese woman.
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The first 'crank,' on the way to Mt. Kailas.*
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Elvis making his Tibetan butter tea, the first morning after a night in the 'Tiger Leaping Gorge' town.
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Fei helping Xuni load her bicycle.
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Fei, our 24-year old travel guide.
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