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 Offering/Aymara Ceremony, 122112, Tiawanaku, Bolivia 

The offering/ceremony, took place in the morning, 122112, the 'Summer' Solstice (yet cold at 3800Mts / over 12,000ft. ASL). This in the ancient (2300BC.) ruins of the Tiawanaku Culture/City. Now, a U.N. World Heritage Site.*
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We didn't count but maybe 100 people in attendance, and from all over the world.
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The offering/Ceremony were presided over by Abuelo Lucas, an Aymara Shaman. His official title is, 'Consejo de Amautas de Tiuwanaku.'
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He asked for offerings from anyone that had such.*
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Here all the way from Tibet, the Serpent of Light!,
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New friend Frederic from France (with Spanish wife, Sonia) translated my English to Spanish.
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I offered Abuelo Lucas/the Aymara people, the Serpent of Light.*
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The offering platform at Tiawanaku.
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