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We rented our own van/bus, a Bolivian named Abraham, with wife and son along.
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Llampa, and higher... From the west side on the way to La Paz. Sorata, to the left, northeast of L.P. But, both 6300+Mts. ASL.
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Cordillera Real (a range of the Andes).
Viewed: 331 times.
The old fashion way, in the river.
Viewed: 311 times.
In El Alto, 'Thieves will be hung!'
Viewed: 326 times.
Metal statue of Che Guevara, in El Alto.
Viewed: 333 times.
First glimpse of Centro, La Paz.
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Mucho traffico in Centro, La Paz
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Interesting building on the westside of La Paz, Centro.
Viewed: 317 times.
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