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 Misc. images, Summer (So. Hemis.), 2013 

The most stunning-looking tree I've ever seen. This one on the North Island of N.Z., a giant Kauri tree called Tane Mahuta, or 'Lord of the Forest.' And it certainly is...
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When I gazed upon this tree for the first time I exclaimed, 'OhmyGod!'
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A NARWHA, with unicorn.*
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64730708 624
Viewed: 376 times.
Some thing about a 'jungle bike ride'...?
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Giant squid, some 10mts. in length.
Viewed: 343 times.
Up close and personal, a giant squid head.*
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Volcanoes from the International Space Station.*
Viewed: 325 times.
Newly discovered comet named, 'Hartley.'
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