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 1st cycling tour around La Paz, City. 

There's too much destructive graffiti, in La Paz, Bolivia, Why? Art, even Ads, should not be destroyed.
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'Mallaykalikimaka,' or whatever 'Merry Christmas!' is in Hawaiian!'
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I live, in La Paz, near the infamous San Pedro Prison. I was passing and stopped to partake of a prison protest. But, different than what you would expect. Many prisoners had climbed to the roof, and were beating drums and chanting, while the guards, and/or police did little. An example of how other cultures are more benign about such things. This, and the next four fotos. Note, the Prison is on the south side of a plaza, where passersby watched this 'entertainment.'*
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Never would there be such benevolence in a U.S. Prison. They gas them, shoot them, beat them. So, which is better?
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The daily menu at Namas.Te Restaurant, where I have lunch most days. This a four course 'set meal,' of quality food, for only $3U.S.*
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The Ciry of La Paz, set in some incredible terrain. The north end of the canyon, where the City was launched, 500 years ago, is roughly 3800mts. ASL., but then it slopes downward (the view here) to about 3200mts. Of course, the upscale part, Calacoto, for one, where the rich people live.
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