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 Cycling to Calacoto, Bolivia, and beyond...  

You're confronted with things like this cycling La Paz. You're forced onto the sidewalk, as the traffic too dangerous, and then you're forced back on to the 'Mean Streets.' No one, no one official in the Bo-Gov., every thought about wheel chairs or bicycles.
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Ditto, here's another example of not thinking about bicycles or wheel chairs.
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There's a Catholic Church every 50 meters in South America.
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Welcome to the most up and down Capitol in the world, La Paz, Bolivia. If you would take a city like Portland, Oregon, and put it in the Grand Canyon, Arizona, U.S.A., you'll get some idea of what La Paz is like.
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La Paz, not in a critical earthquake zone, but not far from faults on the coast. But, they felt the big one (8.2) in 1994. This house owner either brave or stupid, as 90% of the construction concrete and brick.*
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One of the two motor vehicle traffic bridges (this, the East one), that try to 'flatten out' some of the routes.
They have a very narrow foot/cycle lane, which is at least one meter higher than the road bed. Again, not thinking of cyclists and/or wheel chairs.
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Note on the right, the foot-cycle walkway...
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The Bolivian Army's shied.
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Interesting sculpture for a German man named Humbolt. And thus the name of this Plaza.
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