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 Gonz, mural artist, friend, La Paz, 2013 

At UMSA, this large multi=themed Mural, Gonz, plus another artist and one assistant took one month to complete. It depicts the history of exploitation by Colonizers. How the indigenous peoples were exploited for gold, silver and tin.
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Closer with artist, Gonzalo, a 56-year year old man, with three children, one Alex with him here at Namas.te. two daughters in the U.S. He was born, and lived in La Paz, until he was 12-years old. His parents moved the family of several boys and one girl to St. Louis, Missiouri. Gonz moved back to Bolivia with the 'Evolution,' hoping to support the Socialist agenda. He's a professional artist, with a degree from South Illinois University. A good guy, besides!
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Notice how 'the land of the almost free and the not so brave,' have muffled the people's voice (agains the evil dictator). I don't know how we U.S. Citizens can calm divinity, certainly God is on the other sides! Oh, woe be unto us!
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Gonz and his group also sculpted this statue, our lady of Justice, at UMSA, as well.
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Better angle with artist.
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This on the ceiling, and nothing to do with Gonz, but the UMSA (I think their logo.).
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In Centro, a short walk from the University, this Gonz behemeth Mural, eash on of the 'small' panels 1 meter square. This is huge, and something I'd 'captured' before. Of course, I didn't realize this was one of Gonz'.
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