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 20th Ann. founding of ElAlto, Bicycle Ride, 020213 

This event, as advertised here, is for a bicycle ride, commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the founding of the City of El Alto, the vast industrial area, up above La Paz, on the Alti Plano (4,000mts. ASL). This is where the La Paz Aeropuerto is located.
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Flags for every participate/bicycle.
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We met early at this Plaza in El Alto.
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Angelo, with unnamed woman... But, we'll get...
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Hache with participants...
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Everyone attaches their special flag to a bicycle.
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And thus, YEA!*
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I loved this, a 'blow up' shelter, used maybe for start-finish lines for races/events, etc. But, here I think in case of rain during the season.
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Tour cycling, or cycling as transportation in and around El Alto, new. So, more people on foot than on wheels.
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