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 Death Road 'Test Ride,' March, 2013 

This is me, on Senor Fetes!*
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We certainly weren't the only one challenging the 'Death Road,' there must have been one hundred, from various travel companies.
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Few cycle up the 1,000mts elevation gain to La Cumbre... And some don't even cycle up the five small hills on the paved road section. Our bicycle ride began at La Cumbre, but we managed the five small hills.
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An interesting contrast, football with cycling. Football more popular in South America, than the Catholic Church!
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View of the lake (name?) at the pass (La Cumbre), some 4700mts. ASL.*
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Our offering at 4700mts. ASL, this to Jesus Cristo, Virachocha, Panchamama, an all of the other gods of the Andes!
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And this Cristo has wonderful views...
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Sonia and Angelo from Bollivia, Ursina, from Germany.
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I wonder sometimes how many mountain passos I've managed to get over...? We let nothing stop us!
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