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 2nd trip to Puno, Peru for visa. 

Angelo with 80-year old mother, and 94-year old father. On the 19th of April they will celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary. Great people! He was an accountant for the Chrysler Corp. (St. Louis, Mo., U.S.A.), and she a nurse. They raised five children.
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These tricycles popular in Desaguadera, Peru (border town with Bolivia). I need one of these to carry all my stuff. New, they cost $700U.S.
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Poster selling the famous 'Death Road' cycling trip. Our ANNUAL DEATH ROAD CHALLENGE.
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Chicken in the foreground, look at the expression on this child's face.
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Baby in a box.
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Where the Consul STAMPED my one-month visa.
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The restaurant where we had a wonderful lunch. Great trout fresh out of Lake Tikicaca. Puno is right on the Lake.
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When you exit Bolivia, the Peruvian Immigration is about 300 meters, across a river bridge. So, we go Mr. and Mrs. Jove a ride!*
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