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It all began early morning at Cristian Conitzer's house, where he rents and repairs bicycles, among the other 8K things he does: Secretary General of the Asociacion Cepartamental de Ciclismo. In fact, he is the 'bicycle guy,' La Paz, Bolivia.
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Alex, Carolos and Angelo, testing out their bicycles for the 'big ride.' They had never done the 'Death Road' before.
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Cristian, setting up one of the bicycles.
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Alex, a good-looking young Bolivian guy.*
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Cristian on the left, Sonia on the right.
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Arriving at the starting point, La Cumbre, some 4700mts. ASL. you're greeted by Jesus Cristo.*
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We always leave offerings to Cristo, at the base of his statue. This time, food, palo santo (like sage), and a handmade cross out of palm leaves. We ask that Viracocha, Panchamama, and Inti, all the gods of the Andes, plus Cristo, to keep us from harm and evil.*
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And here are the four rides at the top of the old road: from left to right, Angelo, Sonia, Carlos, and Alex.
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