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 A day with Paul and the girls, La Paz, Abril, 2013 

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Look at this! While waiting for one of the girls to join us for lunch, Peter Fonda shows up on his 'chopper.' I'm not into motorcycles, but this one pretty neat, like clean, like the guy attracting attention. Very cool, the next two images show, how much...*
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Estrella waiting, Paul calling... Bolivians tend to be late.
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Down in a southern neighborhood of La Paz, where it's more upscale there is a Dallas, Texas-type Mall. I was amazed.
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We had lunch at 'The Factory,' a sports bar in the Mall. Many screens, much futbol, but the food very good. Best Apple pie I've had in Bolivia, maybe S.America. The place was packed.
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Shy, Viviana!*
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Paul, the Manager at Namas.Te, not so shy!
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