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 Cochabamba, Bolivia, Winter (Southern Hemisphere), 2013 

Well, this is how they do it at La Chancha (open air market), in Bolvia. I decided to purchase some garden hose. At 2BS, per meter, I asked for 50mts. But, look at the mess once they tried to unravel. Note, young boy, Diego, my helper for the day.*
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Finally the woman gave up and Diego had to unravel the mess. I ended up with 40mts, rather than 50mts.
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Colonial architecture example in Plaza Principal (14 de Septembre)
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Viva Cochabamba!
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I met this Bolivian man, Rafael R. Quiroga, by 'chance,' when I was looking for a place to sit and eat my chocolate cake. This at Plaza de Colon in Centro, Cochabamba. Turns out he cycled all over South America when younger (next two fotos.). We were immediately sympatico, as two old cyclists might be. I donated 100Bs / $13U.S. to the cause, and in exchange he gave me a handmade necklace. He makes money selling jewelry to tourists. But, in Invierno (winter) business isn't too good. We made plans to meet up again, as exchanged contact information. He can speak pretty good English.
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Young Rafael on bicicleta somewhere in South America.*
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