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 1st group of tour-cyclists, at Chez Hache, June, 2013 

These 4 guys are Menonites, from the U.S., Goshen College in Indiana. They started their ride back to the U.S., in Asuncion, Paraguay (because a large community of Mennonites in Asuncion (interesting). I will double check their names, but Michael, Matthew, Abe, and Levi.
Not knowing much about Mennonites I found out this:
As of 2010, there are close to 60,000 conservative Mennonites living in Bolivia. In addition to this there are a number of other Bolivians who have converted to Mennonitism. Mennonites living in Bolivia are among the most traditional and conservative amongst all the Russian Mennonites in South America.
There were a total of 25 Mennonite colonies in Bolivia with a total population of 28,567 (as of 1995). The most populous ones were Riva Palacios (5,488), Swift Current (2,602), Nueva Esperanza (2,455), Valle Esperanza (2,214) and Santa Rita (1,748).[1]
The total population was estimated at 60,000 by Lisa Wiltse in 2010.[2]
The number of colonies in 2011 is 57.
An outreach of Conservative Mennonites can be found at La Estrella with others in progress.*
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Preparing to depart, after two nights at Chez Hache.
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