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 Miscellaneous, Summer, 2014 

ilipino Catholic devotees push against metal barriers during the Black Nazarene procession in Manila, Philippines as thousands of pilgrims gather.
Viewed: 295 times.
Migrant workers take shelter under a flyover near Sarai Kale Khan bus terminal in New Delhi, India.
Viewed: 249 times.
Seaweed wrap- A sea otter wrapped in kelp to keep himself from floating away while it sleeps.*
Viewed: 256 times.
reinforced sand dune next to the beach in Soulac-sur-Mer, south-western France, has been built to protect the coastline against landslides.
Viewed: 258 times.
A big wave hits the bridge at the entrance of Donostia, San Sebastián, Spain.*
Viewed: 260 times.
A man surfs the Belharra giant waves some 2km off the coast of the French basque country town of Urrugne.
Viewed: 281 times.
A wave hits the Rock of the Virgin Mary (Rocher de la Vierge) in Biarritz, south-western France.
Viewed: 287 times.
Ilfracombe in Devon is battered as high tides and sea surges continue to affect the south-west of Britain.*
Viewed: 254 times.
Large rocks are thrown up by storm waves at Parton near Whitehasven on the Cumbrian coast.*
Viewed: 262 times.
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