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 Sabado (Saturday) outings with Georgia's... 

This and the next 7, 110114 outing, cycling on the bicycle path with four: Darlin, Aydee, Karen, Lissed, with Georgia (leader) in the middle.
We take children from Ninos Valor, an organization that helps disadvantaged children.
Knowing this, thanks to Carolina and Tyson.*
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Because the bicycles didn't fit, I took two of the girls on Senor Fetes, and extra 70KGs.
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After our outing we went to the new Goblos on Pando. Here we bought lunch for them, and some wonderful postre (desserts).
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Georgia Griffin on the far left, a 23-year old from Vermont, volunteers for this organization. Soon, however, she'll be off to medical school, having graduated from Stanford University. *
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Domingo, 08 February, a hike up into Turnari Park. Here Georgia with Kerryn (from Australia).*
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